From Evan & Jen Taylor…

We are a couple who lives out of Vancouver BC Canada.

When we were ready to bring a child into our lives, it was a very exciting decision. We were ready, however as ready as we were, something was wrong.

Getting pregnant ended up being incredibly frustrating for us. It took us 2 years, hundreds of dollars, and hundreds of hours researching before we finally figured out how to optimize our chances.

Well we can’t explain how excited we were! We are so proud to be parents, it truly is a magical feeling.

We decided something, that not everybody would be able to do all of that research (and have the money to spend), so the two of us decided to write a book!

We wrote Get Pregnant Quick, a direct, no-fluff, informative read about the absolute fastest ways to get pregnant period.

We know it will teach others what they need to finally get pregnant once and for all!

Jen & Evan

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